Q: Where are your other books?

A: We are a new publisher, launching our first book on a shoestring, and we can’t afford to divide our efforts.

Rest assured, however, that more books are forthcoming!

Q: Why start a new publishing company when book sales are declining, bookstores and publishers are going out of business, and the economy stinks?

A: Just as independent record labels have revitalized music, independent publishing can revitalize books. We also have a stubborn tendency to tilt at windmills.

Q: What sort of books do you publish? What is your guiding philosophy as a publisher?

A: We’ll let Bill Hicks explain it to you. (Caution! Not safe for work, the library, or delicate sensibilities.)

Q: Why is your website so minimal?

A: We were inspired by the International Typographic Style, with its emphasis on clarity and readability. (Though our site by no means conforms to it.)

Q: Do you accept submissions?

A: We are accepting submissions under the following conditions:

  • We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts…only query letters.
  • We do not accept straight genre fiction. If a typical book in your style features the author’s name in larger type than the title, we’re not interested.
  • Genre subversion, however, is encouraged, as is non-fiction. Our bar for fiction is very, very high.
  • We do not accept ‘clever’ writing or literary pretension. Read our mission statement.
  • You must have read The Gnoll Credo and thought to yourself “I can beat that.” This is not optional. There will be a quiz.

That being said, if you have a project you genuinely feel is worthy of our time and attention, please contact us.