The Gnoll Credo: “Funny, Provocative, Entertaining, Fun, Insightful” and much more

Published on February 16, 2011

Reader reviews of The Gnoll Credo continue to roll in—and we’re pleased that they share our high opinion of J. Stanton’s astounding debut novel.

This book was a fantastic read. For a book filled with so much anger, sex, and violence, I find it great that I walk away from the text thinking “wow, that was one of the most joyous books ever!”. “Joyous” really is the word here.”

The short review is this – Just read it. It’s a quick read, with no wasted pages, and whether or not you enjoy the story itself, as I did, it will leave you thinking about how we live on this planet in ways you probably have not considered before.”

Fun, funny, provocative and has some insightful social commentary. If we could all just be like gnolls. Plenty of laugh out loud moments combined with great commentary on the human condition.”

“The prose is very readable, the pacing moves things right along, and the characters are great. I want to see more from this author.

“Be warned though, it’s hard to keep on your bookshelf – I’ve given away one copy already, and expect to lose another one if I keep leaving it out for guests to find.”

And we love this one so much we’re going to reprint it here:

“This book took me totally by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect, but I sure didn’t expect what I got–and I loved it.

It takes real skill to create an emotionally moving portrait of a friendship between a human and a semi-human creature. Stanton not only achieves it, he backs it with the power of a gut-punch.

Elegantly terse (like the speech of Gnolls themselves), this fast read packs more thought-provoking ideas and emotion-wrenching fun into its brief pages than many novels five times as long. Highly recommended.

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