More great reviews for The Gnoll Credo

Published on September 17, 2010

Lauren Trout, in a long review from Razorcake Magazine:

“Reminded me of one of my favorite novels, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn…A well-written piece of fiction…You’ll eventually start wondering if the gnolls have gotten something right, which makes it a great book.

We’ve received some astoundingly positive reviews from our readers:

“Compare it to the great works of anthropologists Jane Goodall and Jared Diamond to see its true importance.”

“Easy reading but intellectually provocative…A powerful and deep discussion of modern civilization and the nature of human life.”

“Like an epiphany from a deep meditative experience. If you believe you’ve already learned life’s many lessons, I still recommend this one more.”

“Thank you so much for writing this utterly amazing, mind opening, and fantastically beautiful book.” forums

(And, of course, there’s the glowing review from the Tahoe Mountain News.)

We knew when we first read the manuscript of The Gnoll Credo that it was a profound and important book. We’re proud to present it to the world, and we’re glad that others are seeing what we saw in it.