Learn more about author J. Stanton at his web site

Published on August 10, 2010

The author of The Gnoll Credo, J. Stanton, has launched his website, gnolls.org.
(Actually he launched it a while ago and we’re just catching up. Please forgive us, J., we’ve been busy.)

He has already published several entertaining essays there, including our favorite, “The Difference Between Me and Chuck Palahniuk Is That I Don’t Pull My Punches.” He seems to be updating every few days, so make sure to subscribe to his RSS feed while you’re there.

Apparently he’s also answering reader questions in the forum. Take advantage of that before he ends up on Oprah and doesn’t have time for us little people anymore.

Hat tip to Everett Wiggins for his thoughtful review of The Gnoll Credo at When I Finish This Chapter. He calls it “A compelling representation of what is wild…A hard to describe little book, but one that continues to demand thoughtful attention long after the final pages.” We agree.