Help Save the Serengeti: Donate To The WCST And Receive The Gnoll Credo

UPDATE 6/2011: We’ve raised $400 for the WCST, and we’ve confirmed their receipt of our wire transfer. Thanks to the many generous donors at the $15 level, and special thanks to those who stepped up to the $50 level! We’re proud to add our own contributions to yours.

Gross receipts: $462.10
Receipts, net of fixed costs (credit card fees, shipping and packaging, printing cost of books): $324.32
Receipts earmarked for donations to WCST, as per terms of fundraiser: $299.00
Wire transfer fee: $35.00
Our net profit: -$15.32

Additional direct contributions by J. Stanton, 100WP staff, and others: $101.00
Total contribution to WCST: $400.00

UPDATE 5/12/2011: The WCST fundraiser is over. Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to those who chose to make an extra donation: we’re proud to add our contribution to yours.

UPDATE 5/23/2011: We’ve wired all of your contributions, and our own, to the WCST, and we will release the full accounting once we’re sure the money has arrived safely.

Meanwhile, read J. Stanton’s article to learn what else you can do to help. -100WP

(Here is the original text of the fundraiser, for archival purposes.)

The Serengeti is in grave danger.

The Tanzanian government plans to build a highway straight across it, destroying a World Heritage Site and their own $1.5 billion tourism industry. Learn more about this ill-considered and destructive project here.

There are many things you can do to help, many of them shown on the Serengeti Watch page. Here is what we are doing: until May 7, 2011, or until we run out of books, we are donating to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania for each copy of The Gnoll Credo sold directly from 100 Watt Press, and we are partially matching any additional donation you make.

The Gnoll Credo, front cover thumbnail

  • Buy The Gnoll Credo at the regular price ($10.95), and we donate $2 to the WCST.
  • Buy The Gnoll Credo for $19.95, and we donate $15 to the WCST. That’s your $9, plus $6 from our pockets.
  • Donate $50 to the WCST and we’ll send you The Gnoll Credo for free.
  • Donate $100 to the WCST and we’ll send you two copies of The Gnoll Credo for free.
  • All copies will be signed by the author, J. Stanton.
  • You can read the first 20 pages for free here, read the reviews here, read the blurb here—and you can visit the author’s website here.

Please help support this important cause. Once the Serengeti is gone, it is gone forever.

(This offer is only available in the USA, as shipping to other countries is prohibitively expensive. Canada is about $4.50, and the rest of the world is usually about $9. If you still want a signed copy, contact us and we can work something out. You can buy a regular copy here.)

(Sorry, the fundraiser is over as of 5/12/2011. You can still purchase a signed copy of The Gnoll Credo here.)


Q: How do I know that my money will go to support the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania?
A: Once this program has concluded, we will provide a full and public accounting. [Note as of 6/2011: we’ve posted the accounting above.] If you wish to verify our legitimacy with an officer of the WCST, please contact us and we’ll provide you their contact information.

Q: What about the Paypal fees? Doesn’t that cut into the donation?
A: Yes, but we’re eating that cost ourselves. That’s why the offer is limited in time and number of books. We recommend you take advantage of it, as your money goes directly to people with boots on the ground in Tanzania.

Q: Are these donations tax deductible?
A: We doubt it: the WCST is not an American 501(c)3 organization and engages in political advocacy. Please ask your tax accountant if you have further questions.

Q: What happened to the WCST’s official website?
A: Apparently it got hacked and isn’t back up yet. Tanzania isn’t Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, read more about them at their partner page with Birdlife International.

Q: Can I donate directly to the WCST?
A: They are not set up to accept small individual donations from outside Tanzania. If you wish to make a large donation, contact us and we’ll forward your information to them.

Q: I live outside the USA. Can I still donate to the WCST?
A: If it’s a large donation, we’ll help you contact them directly. Otherwise, we recommend you donate to the Serengeti Legal Defense Fund.

If you have additional questions, contact us and we’ll answer them. We will update this FAQ accordingly.