More great reviews for The Gnoll Credo

September 17, 2010

Lauren Trout, in a long review from Razorcake Magazine:

“Reminded me of one of my favorite novels, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn…A well-written piece of fiction…You’ll eventually start wondering if the gnolls have gotten something right, which makes it a great book.

We’ve received some astoundingly positive reviews from our readers:

“Compare it to the great works of anthropologists Jane Goodall and Jared Diamond to see its true importance.”

“Easy reading but intellectually provocative…A powerful and deep discussion of modern civilization and the nature of human life.”

“Like an epiphany from a deep meditative experience. If you believe you’ve already learned life’s many lessons, I still recommend this one more.”

“Thank you so much for writing this utterly amazing, mind opening, and fantastically beautiful book.” forums

(And, of course, there’s the glowing review from the Tahoe Mountain News.)

We knew when we first read the manuscript of The Gnoll Credo that it was a profound and important book. We’re proud to present it to the world, and we’re glad that others are seeing what we saw in it.

The Tahoe Mountain News reviews The Gnoll Credo!

August 21, 2010

The Gnoll Credo is featured in the August 2010 issue of the Tahoe Mountain News—and we received a glowing review from Jazmyne Suydam! Let us pull some quotes for you:

An easy and fun read…difficult to put down…a great summer read that will leave you thinking.”

“Gryka, albeit not your typical protagonist, is beautiful, complex, violent, barbaric, and yet one of the most lovable and admirable characters that I have encountered.”

“More than just a realistic fantasy tale…a brilliant commentary…This book will make you think, question, think more, and question again.

You can read the full review here.

Learn more about author J. Stanton at his web site

August 10, 2010

The author of The Gnoll Credo, J. Stanton, has launched his website,
(Actually he launched it a while ago and we’re just catching up. Please forgive us, J., we’ve been busy.)

He has already published several entertaining essays there, including our favorite, “The Difference Between Me and Chuck Palahniuk Is That I Don’t Pull My Punches.” He seems to be updating every few days, so make sure to subscribe to his RSS feed while you’re there.

Apparently he’s also answering reader questions in the forum. Take advantage of that before he ends up on Oprah and doesn’t have time for us little people anymore.

Hat tip to Everett Wiggins for his thoughtful review of The Gnoll Credo at When I Finish This Chapter. He calls it “A compelling representation of what is wild…A hard to describe little book, but one that continues to demand thoughtful attention long after the final pages.” We agree.

The Gnoll Credo is now shipping worldwide!

July 22, 2010

This was going to be a long essay about the trials and tribulations of bringing our first book from manuscript to final draft to finished book with worldwide distribution—but frankly, we’re all exhausted and need some sleep, so you’ll get to read it some other time.

And, really, it’s not important. What’s important is that The Gnoll Credo has shipped on time, on schedule, and without compromise. The cover is beautiful, the paper stock is heavy and authoritative, the interior is aesthetically pleasing yet easy to read…

…but we’re most proud of the words it contains.

You can buy The Gnoll Credo now from our order page.

Acid-free, archival quality—and now, green certified!

July 13, 2010

Just in time for our first release, our printer has informed us that they are now certified by both the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council.

This means that not only will you receive an archival-quality book when you order The Gnoll Credo—you’ll receive a book printed on responsibly harvested paper from sustainably managed forests.

Click on the links here or above to learn more about the SFI and the FSC.

Pre-order The Gnoll Credo

April 29, 2010

(The Welcome post has scrolled down: click here to download and read the first 20 pages.)

The Gnoll Credo will be available in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, starting July 22, at a suggested retail price of only $10.95 US, £7.95 UK, and €8.95 EU!

(No one has yet convinced us that residents of other countries should have to wait months, or years, to read our best books.)

     US residents can pre-order The Gnoll Credo from, or directly from us.
(Note that Amazon is currently offering a substantial discount, as well as their standard Free Super Saver Shipping.)

     Canadian residents can pre-order from
     UK residents can pre-order from
     And though our français is rusty and our Deutsch is worse, we suspect that you may be able to pre-order from, and even

Hello LibraryThing Members!

March 4, 2010

Hello and welcome! Since you’ve most likely come here because you’re curious about The Gnoll Credo, may we recommend that you download and read the first 20 pages? (They’re also available from the “Our Books” page.)

Site Launched

Yes, we are committing commercial and financial suicide by launching a new publishing company in these uncertain times. Just as independent record labels bring you new, strong, vital music that the major labels are unwilling to risk, independent presses bring you new, strong, vital books that the major publishers don’t know how to categorize or market.

This is as it should be, and we accept that challenge with joy and anticipation.

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